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Ricardo Baeza-Yates
is honored with
J. W. Graham Medal

The University of Waterloo gives this award since 1995 to the most outstangin of their alumni in Computing and Innovation. In 2007 the Medal was granted to Prof. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, our subdirector.

Best Paper Award for CWR researchers at ESWC-07

European Semantic Web Conerence 2007, chose as best paper the work of Sergio Muñoz, Jorge Pérez y Claudio Gutiérrez called Minimal Deductive Systems for RDF.

March 2007

Study of the Chilean Web

We announce the new version of our Study of the Chilean Web, available in Spanish only.

Estudio 2006
Estudio 2004
Estudio 2001-2002

The main goal of the Center for Web Research (CWR) is to perform basic research on problems related to the Web, focusing on five specific aspects:

  • Management and search of non traditional information (multimedia, structured, etc.)
  • Data mining
  • Mathematical modeling of the Web
  • Data extraction from the web
  • Distributed systems and parallelism.
Specifically, we plan to research on combinatorial pattern matching on images, audio and text; similarity searching of atomic and structured objects; handling semistructured information; mathematical simulation of the process that occur in the Web; and distributed agents and platforms in Internet.

The CWR becomes a unique opportunity to join in a common project the efforts of geographically distributed top level researchers.

May 2009: News about the development of a Search Engine for the Government of Chile (in Spanish)

CWR releases new version of its Study of the Chilean Web

Características de la Web Chilena, 2006

During August 2006, CWR developed a massive recollection of Chilean Webpages using the WIRE system, developed by our researchers. The analysis of these results are presented in the new report.


June 1st 2007

El Mercurio newspaper highlights the Study in its Santiago and Valparaiso Editions.

LA-WEB 2008

Congress: LA-WEB 2008 - 6th Latin American Web Congress
Location: Vila Velha, Brazil
Date: October 28th - 30th, 2008

Seminar: Diseño y Optimización de Algoritmos para la Intersección de Listas en Indices Invertidos

CWR + Yahoo! Research Seminar
Alex Lopez-Ortiz: Diseño y Optimización de Algoritmos para la Intersección de Listas en Indices Invertidos
Thursday, January 10th, 11:30 am, DCC Auditorium , Blanco Encalada 2120

SPIRE 2007

Symposium: SPIRE 2007 - 14th String Processing and Information Retrieval Symposium
Location: Santiago, Chile
Date: 29-31 October 2007


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