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Conferences and Courses

BIC 2007

2nd ISCV Thematic Workshop: Biologically-Inspired Computing

Dec. 3rd-7th, 2007, ISCV-Chile


A one-week thematic workshop gathering researchers and students interested in biologically- inspired computing. Interactive format propitious to exchange ideas: plenary talks, introductory courses, technical presentations, group work and panels.

Call for applications

We invite students holding BSc/licenciatura or enrolled in postgraduate studies in biology, computer science and related areas, to submit an application (see web for details). Please note that english fluency is mandatory.
Researchers and academics are encouraged to apply for a limited number of slots, free of charge.

Deadline for applications: Nov 19th 2007, 16hrs (chilean time).

Scientific committee

  • Diego Cosmelli, PUC – ISCV, Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Adrian Palacios, UV – ISCV, Neuroscience
  • Eric Tanter, UCH – Computer Science

Invited speakers


  • Gabriela Barrantes, Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica, and Santa Fe Institute, USA.
  • Ron Goldman, Sun Microsystems, USA.
  • Fernando Sancho, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.
  • Guy Theraulaz, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
  • Chris Wood, Santa Fe Institute, USA.


  • Hector Allende, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso.
  • John Atkinson, Universidad de Concepción.
  • Juan Carlos Letelier, Universidad de Chile.
  • Pablo Marquet, Pontificia Universidad Católica.
  • Jorge Mpodozis, Universidad de Chile.
  • Carlos Rodriguez, Pontificia Universidad Católica.
  • Javier Ruiz del Solar, Universidad de Chile.
  • Jorge Soto-Andrade, Universidad de Chile.


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University of Chile
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Santiago, Chile

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