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Vietnamese delegation visits CWR

Santiago, August 30th 2005

As part of a visit to the Millenium Science Initiative and its nuclei, a delegation of vietnamese scientists and government authorities visited the Center for Web Research and the Millenium Science Nucleus on Complex Engineering Systems this morning.

The vietnamese delegation which included the Vice-minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Bui Manh Hai, met at the DCC's Auditorium with Dr. Baeza-Yates representing CWR and Dr. Jara on Behalf of the Complex Engineering Systems Nucleus. Also present were the Executive Director of ICM Chile, Claudio Wernli, the Executive Director of Millenium Science Initiative, Arlen Hastings (IAS, USA) and the Senior Program Officer of Vietnam Education Foundation, Lynne McNamara (USA).

Both chilean researchers revealed the workings, subject areas and structure of their nuceli, they also shared their experience regarding attraction of young talent, and collaboration with foreign teachers and research centers.


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