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Conferences and Courses

CWR celebrates World Usability Day with a full room

November 3 rd , 2005

Santiago Chile

Santiago joined the celebration of WUD by filling up the auditorium at the Department of Computer Sciences at Universidad de Chile. The Center for Web Research at Universidad de Chile, in collaboration with Amable, LuleDesign and the group of Chilean Information Architects, want to join this celebration and organize an event in Santiago for this date in coordination with UPA and Cadius.

An entertaining seminar that accounted for a country that grows slowly but steadily towards the adoption of usability methods and principles on information systems. This year's theme was Electronic Government, and the efforts that different governments throughout the world are undertaking in order to adopt Usability methods in their information systems.

Three brilliant presentations, two lively panels and a phone conversation gave life to this event in the following manner.


  • Welcome & several views on Usability . (300 KB PDF)
    Javier Velasco – Regional Coordinator for WUD, Information Architect at CWR.
    Several views on usability were shown between the sessions. The welcoming message also included a greeting message towards WUD and to Cadius – IA & Usability community in Spain – for their fourth birthday.
  • Digital Government and Usabilidy: the Web Guide . (123 KB PDF)
    Paulo Saavedra – Observatorio de la Web, Ministerio de Economía.
    Paulo Saavedra presented on the evolution and future of the Chilean government's plans for the implementation of usability principles and methods. The Government of Chile has given strong relevance to the subject, one of its latest projects is the creation of a Web Observatory to survey the quality of government websites.

  • Entering the notion of Usability into Organizations (1 MB PDF)
    Hernán Saavedra – Remote Banking Manager, Banco Estado.
    The presentation of Hernán Saavedra marked one of the high nothes of the seminar. He exposed how he's managed to make his organization aware of usability's relevance. An interesting story was how they applied usability tests to their phone helpline IVR system, with great results. Currently Banco Estado is widely aware of the usefulness of investing on Usability.

  • Usability tips from the experts: Jacob Nielsen and Steve Krug (800 KB PDF)
    Felipe Almazán – Systems Development Coordinator, Biblioteca Congreso del Nacional.
    Felipe showed how they had applied in a practical manager the main guidelines from these Usability Experts in the BCN website, and how this has improved service to their users.

  • Roundtable: Usability and Business (Intro: 140 KB PDF)
    The discussion was centered around the relevance of Usability as a business tool, and how some banks have adopted it as a competitive advantage.
    • César Romero – BCI
    • Juan Carlos Camus – SBIF
    • Juan Luis Martínez – Amable – Moderator
  • Phone conversation with Steve Krug
    Usability Consultant Steve Krug joined us from Boston through phone conversation. He shared with us his vision of the future; Usability will continue to grow in presence both in Academia as in the Corporate Environment. He also remarked how he keeps on finding the same basic errors during his seminars and evaluations.

  • Roundtable: Usability and Design (Intro: PDF 1 MB)
    This table created moments of passion at discussing the role of Visual Design in Usability.

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